Partners in Bioindustry

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Below you can find a complete list of our partners in the bioproduct technology field and information in which countries we represent them.

KaukoInternational is the representative of PureAir Filtration in

Founded in 2004, PureAir Filtration is a leading expert in custom engineered products and services for a wide range of gas phase filtration applications. PureAir’s Chemical Adsorbent Media captures target gases, vapors, and odors from the environment. PureAir offers a variety of medias that provide the most cost-effective and optimal solutions for each unique application.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Fastpap in

Fastpap is a finnish company whose expertise are cleaning and cutting systems based on the latest high pressure water jet technology. Fastpap is developing and manufacturing solutions for higher process efficiency and lower costs for the pulp and paper industry. They offer modern solutions for online and periodical washing of dry and forming fabrics, and also tail cutters for wire and dryer use.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Haarla Balemat in

Haarla Balemat system provides fast and accurate testing and measurement of moisture, plastics, ash, pulp contents, brightness & material type for  pulp & paper industries. Proven by comprehensive scientific evaluation to correlate laboratory tests and on-site sampling, Balemat system consists of PTS sensor to analyse moisture, plastic, ash and pulp (uses the same proven technology as handheld measurement device) and fully automated drilling and data management. In Balemat System procedure bales are unloaded by forklift against weir in the measurement area to be subsequently recognized, drilled and analysed.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Fenra in

Fenra is a swedish company which develops and markets hydrocyclone systems for the pulp and paper industry worldwide.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Paul Wegner in

Paul Wegner is a german company with long history. Product portfolio includes: Coating Blades, Coating Blades with Tungsten Carbid, Creping Blades, Creping Blades with Ceramic, Doctor Blades Metal, Doctor Blades with Tungsten Carbid, Doctor Blades Plastic, Metering Rods – Rollflexblades, Scraper Knives, Sliding Knives, Special Knives.

KaukoInternational is the representative of quattrotec in

Quattrotec is an incorporated company that was established in 2002 in Valkeakoski, Finland. The line of business is designing and modernizing industrial machinery. Product include Quattrotec slitting winders, pope reels. Slitting winders are designed for rewinding and slitting. Rewinder roll quality is optimized with automation control system. Quattrotec QP1 pope reel is suitable for paper converting industry. QP1 contains latest and reliable automation solutions.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Rinheat in

Rinheat Oy is a Finnish machinery supplier. The main products are evaporation plants and heat recovery systems for pulp and paper industry. The company has delivered more than 80 heat recovery systems for TMP and CTMP plants. During the past 15 years evaporation plants for Chemi Thermo Mechanical Pulp (CTMP) and chemical pulp mills have become the core business of the company. Based on the experience from the performance of the heat recovery plants Rinheat has successfully developed evaporation plant technology for energy and chemical recovery from CTMP and NSSC waste liquors as well as from black liquor.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Röchling in

Röchling offers a large selection of thermoplastics and composites for technical applications. They supply products in the form of semi-finished products such as sheets, round rods, tubes, profiles and finished castings right through to precision-machined parts. Products include Forming elements of headboxes for paper machines, Dewatering elements made of ceramics and plastics for machines producing paper and cardboard, Bar beds and bars for coating units.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Raumaster in

Raumaster is a finnish company specializing in wood handling processes. They supply complete wood rooms (including equipment for log receiving and pre-treatment, debarking, chipping, bark processing and water treatment),  chip receiving systems and chip storage and screening systems.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Sael in

Since 1987 SAEL offers integrated systems and process control solutions for industrial automation. Solutiona are applicable to both A.C. or D.C. and from a low range up to megawatts, with air or liquid cooling systems.

Paper Division is the core business of SAEL and they promote competence and continuous production in paper mill industry. Some of the applications made for the paper mill market include sectional controls for paper machines, winders and unwinders, calanders, sheeters, stock prep, revamping and MCC/PCC.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Sammet in

Sammet clean flow dampers for Industry. Sammet is a Finnish company with an industry-leading product range. Sammet’s line of industrial dampers come in all shapes, sizes and materials, covering the multitude of industrial applications.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Tecnopaper in

Tecno Paper srl, based in Lucca – Italy, was founded in 2005 by a team of technicians and engineers with many years of experience in the paper industry. Through its network of representative offices, Tecno Paper supplies to important paper producers in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, offering accurate engineering projects, reliable and highly technological machinery and after sales service.

Rewinders for Paper, Coreboard and Tissue represent the core business of the company. Tecnopaper has made significant investments in R&D in order to supply the paper industry with new solutions and machinery able to satisfy the rapidly changing requirements of tissue and paper producers, adopting their technology with the evolution of finished products.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Techso in

Techso is an italian company founded by experts in the paper machinery business supplying high quality Key Products and Services to the paper industry. Based on the experience and in line with the market trends of recycling paper and reduce energy consumption, Techso can provide state of the art solution to maximise the efficiency, and improve paper quality. Key Products include t-FLOW headbox, t-SHOE PRESS, t-SIZE – Film application size press and Rolls.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Teufelberger in

Teufelberger is the No. 1 supplier for Paper Carrier Rope in the world. Teufelberger has an unique know-how of paper carrier rope and their operation. No two paper machines are the same. Teufelberger has the optimum product for every situation.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Weingrill in

Weingrill is specialized in the fabrication of mechanical components for the paper industry. Products include felt and wire guide- and tension solutions and jacket screws.