In the time of COVID-19 pandemic our KaukoInternational Vietnam daughter company is exporting high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) to European markets

KaukoInternational has dedicated, humane and compassionate teams and employees. The COVID-19 pandemic affects us all and the pressure of fighting against it is high. We have all seen the battles that the countries have gone through and are still going.

We are ready, with our international sales skills and motivated teams, to give all the support and help for those fighting in the frontlines of this pandemic.

Because of our strong local networks, our Vietnam office was approached by health product manufacturers in Asia region for export services. Manufacturers can provide for the European market top quality health products, such as face masks and nitrile gloves for the healthcare sector and for other private sectors, where there is a need.

One of the leading health product manufacturers, Maza/Enmed, in Vietnam is our leading partner in exporting PPE products to the whole European area (excluding Spain).

PPE products include high quality medical gloves and surgical face masks with all the necessary certificates (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, SA 8000:2014). Products are also compliant with EU and other standards required in the market (FDA and CE Certified, Tested with EN455:1-3 and EN374:1-4).

Since we have local offices in Vietnam and China as well, we are able to travel to manufacturer’s factories for more detailed quality inspection and auditing, if needed. The quality and compliance can be confirmed by our Vietnam branch, and reliability of delivery ensured.

Reach us already today for protective gear for your need!


For more information, please contact our sales team:

Tu Duong
KaukoInternational Vietnam Ltd.

Phone: +358 45 1300118


Joonas Ahonen
KaukoInternational Oy Ltd.

Phone: +358 50 3466011


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