Partnering with Kazakhstan state for Green Tech transfer

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We are pleased to announce that KaukoInternational is an official partner with Kazakhstan State for green technologies Transfer.

In July KaukoInternational signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for cooperation and promotion of green technologies.

Vladimir Olechshenko, KaukoInternational Central Asia Chief Executive Officer, and the Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Kanat Bozumbayev, on the right.

This signed MOU is the first step in developing a Green technologies transfer and modernization platform in Kazakhstan. The platform will bring together green technology partners, companies and state authorities to work towards greener and cleaner Kazakhstan and the whole Central Asia region.

The areas of interest lie in water treatment, waste-to-energy and sludge treatment solution first and foremost, but will stretch to other areas in green technology field as well.

The Kazakhstan State is very keen on utilizing the Finnish expertise and know-how on the green technologies, such as waste processing, and especially the expertise of KaukoInternational as a project driver.

The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Kanat Bozumbayev, reportedly said in Kazinform newspiece, that “As for Kaukointernational, it is, above all, a Finnish company. And you know, Finland is one of the most “green” countries in the world, not only in Europe. The level of their waste processing is 98 percent.[…] Therefore, when the President of Finland was here, a few weeks ago, the heads of our states agreed during the opening of Finland’s pavilion that Kazakhstan will use extensively the experience of Finland.” (Source:

KaukoInernational has started a fruitful cooperation to build green economy in Central Asia region. This cooperation will bring together companies with green tech expertise and helps to boost everyones’ business in the region. The journey for KaukoInternational begun already in 2013 when we started to gain and gather foothold in the Central Asian markets as well. And now the hard work is paying off with good and profitable projects in Kazakhstan, and the whole Central Asia region has become a very important business market and economy to us.

Handshake after the signing.

We would like to also thank the Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan for the confidence he has placed in us.

In addition to the signing of the MOU, the cooperation has started also at the World Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan, where KaukoInternational has been strongly present in the Finland Pavilion. You can read more on the pavilion and our experiences here.

KaukoInternational will also host its own day, KAUKO DAY – Green Projects in Kazakhstan, on the 4.9. at the Expo. Stay tuned and read more about that next week.



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