For Future Partners

KaukoInternational helps companies to widen their business region and go international with many different solutions from basic agent business to international projects.

KaukoInternational has over 90 principal partners. We have offices and representation in 6 countries, Finland, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and China. And a network and business region even wider.

We have a long history in the agent business and take pride in long-standing principal relationships.

Our sales teams and members have all backround in technical training and great knowledge of our industries.

We take time to know our principals and the products they offer, so that we are able to represent the right kind of solutions and products to our wide customer base.

See our principal pool

We represent over 90 principals around the world.

Would you be interested in working with us?

To get started, first try to answer these five questions:

  1. Is your turnover over 3M€?
  2. Is your company profitable?
  3. Is your technology certified?
  4. Have you expanded to neighbouring countries?
  5. Is your management committed to expanding to new territories?


If you answered to at least 4 of these questions “YES”, you are on the right track.

The next step is to contact us

Niiles Airola, CEO
Phone: +358 4057 230 10


In these matters and all others relating to our partner relations don’t hesitate to contact us.