Our Passion for global trade endures despite of extraordinary times


The KaukoInternational slogan “Passion for Global Trade” stands for the enthusiasm we share for helping our customers and partners. These extraordinary times we are facing all around the world may have affected us all and disrupted our daily lives, but it hasn’t affected our spirit.

KaukoInternational is dedicated in sharing the responsibility of preventing the spreading of the COVID-19 virus to the best of its ability. This means that we take special care of our staff and take special precautions in protecting employees as well as our customers and partners. The whole staff has moved from the office to working remotely at home offices. All meetings are held remotely as teleconferences with easy-to-use digital solutions.

Remote work is something our staff is quite used to even before this pandemic. The nature of our sales personnel’s work has always been mobile and the tools enabling working remotely has been in our use already for some time now. So even though the world around us has changed the KaukoInternational operational model and KI team’s way of working has stayed the same.

Every KaukoInternational office and employee are working now harder than ever to serve you, our customers and partners. We have all the necessary equipment and tools for ensuring efficient service. All visits and business trips are cancelled for the time being and meetings moved to digital surroundings, web-based platforms, but you can still reach us easily through our website, via email or phone, as always.

By doing these precautions and necessary safety measures, we want to protect our customers, partners, their families and close contacts and additionally our own employees and their beloved ones. Further, this is for the greater good and by practicing social distancing at workplace as well, we protect our peers, neighbors’, friends, health care workers, all cohabitants and people, because, as it is clear, this affects us all worldwide.

Along these lines, we are still here for you, at your service and disposal, and as before we will do our best in trying to find you the best service and solution you may dream of.

Our passion for global trade endures despite of extraordinary times, and we will find a way to get pass this pandemic time.

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