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Operating at our business field, Vietnam and Asian markets have always been at the core of KaukoInternational business. Despite of the culture gap between Europe and Asia, we are proud to have successfully entered the market already in the 70’s. And over the past years, we have built a strong network in this South-East Asian country. And now, by becoming a member of BiziVietnam, we have a chance to offer our support to Finnish companies who want to properly get into Vietnam market and find new opportunities.

KaukoInternational has gained knowledge and expertise of the market and built a strong network throughout the decades of doing business in Vietnam. Our mission is to bring principals and customers together along with increasing brand awareness in the market. We have our local office in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city in Vietnam. Furthermore, having a local team gives us advantage in overcoming cultural differences. Besides, this asset leads us to more sustainable business relationships. Additionally, we have also effectively proved our presence through several projects and trading activities with local customers and partners.

KaukoInternational Vietnam Ltd Office, Ho Chi Minh City

Picture: KaukoInternational Vietnam Ltd Office.

Newly, with the aim to further reinforce the cooperation between Vietnam and Finland, our company decided to join BiziVietnam organization. The organization is known as the first Vietnamese non-profit organization in Finland. It is established with the purpose to empower culture connection and strengthen relationship between the two countries. BiziVietnam provides members with multiple events to welcome partners from Vietnam who are looking for cooperation opportunities with Finnish partners. By participating in the events, KaukoInternational can not only show our passion for new cooperation opportunities but can also share our references and experiences with Finnish companies.

If you are looking for entering Vietnam market and finding new opportunities, do not hesitate to contact our Vietnam office CEO for more information.

Mr. Tu Duong



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