Smart city: New cooperation in street light solution

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This Summer in 2020, we are glad to welcome Novalume as the newest addition and partner to our principal pool. As of this moment, KaukoInternational Group is the exclusive representative of Novalume and their Lumintell™ solution in Finland and Vietnam markets.

Building smart city and developing sustainable municipalities is a leading movement for city planners worldwide. Therefore, with this cooperation, KaukoInternational can answer to growing demand on smart city technology in Finland and Vietnam regions.
The Lumintell™ Node is the building block of your network.

Novalume is a Danish innovative Smart City lighting company. In general, they offer solution for intelligent light management with maintenance platform for public infrastructure. The smart Lumintell™ solution allows customers to significantly reduce their energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs. Our mutual aim is towards greener and smarter cities.

In other words, the ensemble provides municipalities, city planners and operation managers new LED solution called Lumintell™. Firstly, it helps cities to control and easily monitor all wireless streetlights remotely through a web-based application. Moreover, smart streetlights enhanced with Lumintell™solution reduce cities’ energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 75% and maintenance costs by up to 50%. Learn more here.

Lumintell™ Integration services with optional IoT Plugins
Lumintell™ Integration services with optional IoT Plugins

Besides, the Light Management System includes features such as measurement of road temperature and conditions, Air quality and pollution monitoring, Smart Parking, CCTV and public Wi-Fi network.

Together with Novalume we will bring to Finland and Vietnam efficient and sustainable smart city projects. As the result, the cooperation enables more integrated projects in green solutions as KaukoInternational offers its expertise in project management and as project integrator while Novelume’s smart city solution brings green technology into practice.  With Novalume’s green technology we can offer even more sustainable solutions to our customers and partners in Finland and Vietnam.


Make your city smart efficiently and effortlessly now with the help of KaukoInternational and Novalume cooperation!


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