KI Project concept converts customer needs to practical and efficient solutions

“In a project the most important thing has been established when the project comes up to expectations and meets the sales promises made to customer”, states KaukoInternational CEO and leading project sales director, Niiles Airola.

But let’s start by backing up to the start of the whole project process. KaukoInternational is a project house specialized in combining products and services into whole packages including support in project building, competitive tendering, negotiations, reporting and financing just to name a few. The strength of KaukoInternational project business lies in the scope of our expertise in building just the right kind of project and implementation for the customer from the very start to the finish line.

In front KI project manager, Denis Soloviev, at project fieldsite.

The work for the building-up-stage of a project starts long before the first actual brick is laid or waterdrop drained on the project site. KaukoInternational steps into picture when the customer need has been established. KI project process starts by listening the customer.  According to that, KI begins the negotiations for supplies, technical specifications, project management, financial solutions or in whatever the customer needs help. The focus is to combine a package for the customer to get into target with the most competent way.

A unified, efficient and coherent project management process

KaukoInternational has invested a great deal in perfecting and finetuning our project process and management. We have established a unified, efficient and coherent way of managing projects, which enables also successful duplication.

Our asset is local sales and service network with which we bring added value to our partners and customers. As we operate in 7 countries, the local knowledge and network is vast.

In addition to that, we are as well an international and coherent professional actor. And we have refined our project management and processes among other things, so that they are unified and self-sufficient. For that reason, no matter which KI office, country or sales professional is in question, an efficient professional and coherent way of working is guaranteed.

We think it is important to keep the sales and whole staff up to date. In order to do so, we have regular training and workshops organized for our staff globally. Our aim is to optimize and boost the actions and that way to make the whole project process more productive.

We bring holistic solutions to practical and actual needs. It is as simple as that.

Our sales team at project management workshop with Teppo Nurminen, Adapro Oy

The project is successful when it has a clear end and the job is done, all the parties are satisfied with the result and the results can be measured.

When we have unified and competent project process and development model, the benefits are seen clearly. The quality of the end-result of the project is better, process is more transparent to all counterparts and it is easier to stick to agreed schedule.





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