KaukoInternational-RUS has completed a successful dryer repair project for a cardboard machine

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KaukoInternational-RUS together with our partner Ralex Industry Oy have successfully completed a dryer repair project for a cardboard machine. It was a step in a developing project of the “Alexinskaya Paper and Board Factory”, a part of SFT Group. The project is based on the modernization of cardboard machine KP-06, edge width of 4200 mm, and the main part of it was the installation of a new wire and press machine parts, as well as modernization of the grinding and preparation department equipment.

The main suppliers and contractors were such companies as PMP Poland, Kadant, IMS, Valmet Automation, FMT, Consys and many others. 15 companies in total took part in this project.

The scope of the modernization was vast, and “Alexinskaya Paper and Board Factory” provided for the grinding of drying cylinders for the cardboard machine in total of 63 pcs. and 22 pcs. of drying cylinders in reserve (removed from cardboard machine), as well as coating with Teflon of 2 pcs. of drying cylinders before the size press.

Work and effort by specialists of KaukoInternational-RUS and Ralex Industry were carried out around the clock due to a rather tight schedule. Thanks to the high professional training and high work capacity of the specialists, as well as the well-coordinated teamwork, we performed all the work on time in 32 calendar days during the period from August 18, 2017 to September 18, 2018. The project was finished without the slightest complaints and claims of the quality of the services from “Alexinskaya Paper and Board Factory” side.


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– KaukoInternational-RUS Team