KaukoInternational has started negotiations for a long-awaited sludge fields restoration project with Tatarstan Government. The project comprehends restoration of silt fields in Kazan for which the Government has been trying to find the right kind of solution and partner. KaukoInternational had an innovative, Finnish high-tech solution to offer and from that the negotiation process with Tatarstan Government started in 2019.

Negotiations with KaukoInternational and Tatarstan president restoration of silt field sludge field
Negotiations at the Government House of the republic. Picture from http://president.tatar.ru/eng/index.htm/news/1684249.htm

The project team, including KaukoInternational CEO and Project Manager with two partner companies, met the President of Tatarstan on the 18. of February 2020. The team introduced a number of proposals and solutions for the effective restoration, and a mutual understanding of the needed solutions was found. Now negotiations for sludge field restoration in Kazan continue.

For this project KaukoInternational has brought together a team of Finnish partners with high-technology solutions and expertise in the sludge field and water treatment technologies. In the meeting the counter parties made decisions on neutralization of unpleasant odors, protecting groundwater from the risk of contaminants, and creating sustainable soil for further development of recreational projects.

In regards to this project, KaukoInternational, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Tatarstan, the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and the Vodokanal Municipal Unitary Enterprise has already signed a MOU in 2019 and these negotiations were a continuum of this cooperation.

Please find the news release of this cooperation in the Tatarstan President’s website as well.



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