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KaukoInternational Head Office hosted its first, but undoubtedly soon-to-be legendary and annual, Global Sales training week in March. We welcomed managers from all of our local offices to meet, network, train and envision.

As our quests from Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, China and Vietnam arrived, got a one week long trip under way. It started in Rauma and ended in Tahko Ski Resort.

In Rauma one of our meritorious principals, Raumaster hosted a day with interesting and educational Sales and Technology training and a visit to one of their mills as well. Raumaster is a Finnish supplier of advanced material handling systems and equipment in wood and energy industries. The day ended in a trek to forest to introduce our international quests the beautiful and invigorating finish nature.

Management meeting at the Espoo Office

After the training the whole crew gathered to KaukoInternational Head Office in Espoo to plan, envision and innovate for the future. A two-day meeting included evaluating our results, targeting actions to be taken for the future, marketing planning and of course networking. All got their share of praises of success stories and tips for improvement, or ‘roses and sticks’ as we say in Finland. While Kauko had a busy year of 2016 there is always something to reflect and to improve as well.

The third part of the week was hosted by another of our commendable principals, Flootech. Flootech is a finish cleantech company offering water treatment solutions and technologies. Flootech took us to visit their plants in Kotka, Varkaus and Äänekoski, and offered memorable outdoor activities in Tahko Ski Resort. Straight from the slopes we were also offered invigorating sales and technology training by Flootech’s experts.

At the end of the week guests left with full of new ideas, information and excitement to share with their own local office colleagues. This reflects to all the more higher motivation to serve our customers and principals even better and with higher quality.



A special thanks to Raumaster and Flootech as well for superior hosting.


The KaukoInternational HQ team