KaukoInternational at the EXPO 2017


The international Exhibition, EXPO 2017, is currently taking place in Kazakhstan, Astana. This year’s theme is “Future Energy”. 101 countries in total, including Finland, will take part on this truly global exhibition. KaukoInternational also had the pleasure to represent Finnish Water Forum on the Finland Day at the EXPO on the 20th of June. We are also strongly present at the Finland pavilion during the whole exhibition.


EXPO 2017 Pure Energy
The Pure Energy stand presents energy-efficient burner equipment for industry and technologies for autonomous generation of “clean” electricity.

The Finland pavilion tells a story of Finland and this year it highlights water and ecologically pure technologies among others.  The pavilion itself is a work of art with its sculpture like constructions. It consists of four stands, which are separately standing decorative glaciers. Each stand represents different sub themes like Pure Energy, Smart City and Clean Water.


Throughout the exhibition the pavilion of Finland has dedicated support from KaukoInternational. Every day the KI Kazakhstan team meets and helps guests and potential customers understand the technologies and what they have offer. KaukoInternational also organized a training for the FinPro team to share the knowledge and the expertise on energy efficient and environmental technologies.




Our CEO, Niiles Airola (at the left) personally hosted at the pavilion on the Finland Day.

At the Smart city stand powerful, modern electric fueling for electric vehicles, solar systems, heat recuperators and solar collectors are well presented. There are companies with the right solutions for heating rooms and obtaining warm water with a controlled temperature using “green” energy. Also, companies with unique know-how on processing household waste and the production of biogas from it are presented.

Further, at the Clean Water stand, you can find several Finnish Water companies. These companies are the experts in the water treatment, desalination and sediment dehydration business to name a few. The stand features a technology that measures the leakages in the pipeline within centimeters and informs any leakages online.


EXPO 2017 provides the guests, Kazakhstan authorities and other countries, with a clear picture on Finland’s unique expertise in water and green energy efficiency technologies. With that picture, it is easier for KaukoInternational as well to introduce the new, innovative and sustainable solutions that in the future would benefit the whole humanity, not forgetting the nature.

KaukoInternational has taken as its priority in the Central Asia region to introduce the Finnish technologies and expertise to better serve sustainable and green projects in Kazakhstan as well as the entire world.


– KaukoInternational Kazakhstan Team


(Featured Image from https://expo2017astana.com/en/)