Flags of Finland and Kazakhstan and the red globe of the KaukoInternational logo shining on the TV screens and flyers. This of course means KAUKO DAY.
Our presence and collaboration in Kazakhstan has grown bigger every year, and it was only the right time to organize an event for our customers and partners in the last week of the biggest event of the year in Kazakhstan, the world EXPO 2017.

The Venue and KaukoInternational VP, Jukka Sala

The event took place on the 4th of September, and the purpose was to bring together in a casual and warm atmosphere clients, partners and colleagues. Approximately 60 guests came to hear about the great opportunities that KaukoInternational is realizing and developing in Kazakhstan and in the field of environmental technology. KaukoInternational has years of expertise and knowledge in energy efficiency and environmental technology, and the theme of the event was rightfully ‘Green projects in Kazakhstan’.

Our event proved the theme important, and also very needed in Kazakhstan and the whole central Asia. It was also clear that the guest companies, CEO’s and State representatives as well as KaukoInternational all share the common vision to implement Finnish green technology to Kazakhstan.

It was a common feeling that Kazakhstan has great potential for investment and that KaukoInternational may be the right partner for many environmental and energy efficiency investments. Warm relationship between Finland and Kazakhstan was clear and present during the whole event.

Our VP, Jukka Sala said: “I was flattered for the warm welcome and inspiring discussions my speech about heat recovery with industrial heat pumps received. Negotiations and site visits later the week showed high potential for large investments and a number of projects for KaukoInternational. I have a very positive feeling about Kazakhstan and the possibilities that KaukoInternational has realized.”

Part of KaukoInternational team

Guests had been invited from all the regions KaukoInternational has representation.  And one of the honored guests was the General Director of Kazakhstan Kagazy LLP, with which KaukoInternational has an ongoing project concerning waste-water treatment. Kazakhstan Kagazy LLP is a local waste paper recycling company that alone covers 90% of the paper production in Kazakhstan. The General Director told, that she is very pleased with the cooperation with KaukoInternational and is very impressed with the level of expertise and knowledge of KaukoInternational team concerning these kind of projects.




All and all the event was a great combination of business and a bit more casual networking, and we will most definately organize another event of this type soon.

We wish to thank all our guests and also the EXPO2017 for providing us such a great venue.