Global sales partner agreement of Saligen Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test distribution


KaukoInternational Oy Ltd. and KNM Eesti OÜ have signed a Global sales partner agreement for global distribution of Saligen, the rapid 15-minute COVID-19 Antigen Test. KNM and KaukoInternational together form a business and sales partnership. KaukoInternational is the contact point for distributors and resellers on a global scale. KNM focuses on packaging and localization of Saligen.

13.4.2021, Espoo KaukoInternational and KNM are joining forces in bringing the most reliable non-invasive Antigen test for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) into global distribution.

Manufactured in EU by Bakter Medical s.r.o., the Saligen Antigen Test is based on a saliva sample. It is simple to use (“spit & wait”) and provides a result in 10-20 minutes. Accuracy is up to 97% according to the latest research. The test is CE marked and complies with In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (98/79/EC). It has been approved as COVID-19 rapid test in EU.

KaukoInternational as a sales partner is rapidly expanding the global sales network and looking for strong and local distributors with wide existing network. Saligen test is already available in selected markets. KaukoInternational is managing the sales and distribution globally, excluding certain Eastern European countries where KNM is the exclusive distributor.

Saligen COVID-19 Antigen rapid test, 1pcs package
Saligen COVID-19 Antigen rapid test, 1pcs package

Fast and easy-to-use Saligen test brings relief to COVID-19 testing in professional use, and in the future for consumer and private use as well. Saligen COVID-19 rapid test will assist in re-opening our society and help  in returning businesses, cultural and sporting events, restaurants, factories etc. back to “normal”.



Further information:

Niiles Airola, CEO

KaukoInternational Oy Ltd.



Jan Škurinski, CEO

KNM Eesti OÜ



KaukoInterational Oy Ltd. is an international trade and project house in the bio-, environment and medical industry. KaukoInternational is known for its wide sales and trade network in the industry field. KI is the exclusive sales partner of KNM for Saligen.

KNM Eesti OÜ is a technology distributor and reseller working in the Baltic region. Headquarter is in Estonia. KNM is specialized in marketing and sales network generation. KNM is the exclusive distributor of Saligen.


Bakter Medical s.r.o. is the manufacturer of the Saligen test and a distributor in Czech Republic. Saligen, as a Czech product, is in demand for its high reliability.




Global sales partner agreement of Saligen Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test distribution


Distribution inquiries:

Phone: +358 10 326 3421