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Below you can find a list of our partners in the environmental technology field and information in which countries we represent them.

KaukoInternational is the exclusive representative of Novalume in

Novalume is a Danish innovative Smart City Lighting company that works towards greener and smarter lighting solutions for public infrastructure. Novalume provides the Lumintell™ solution and allow our customers to significantly reduce their energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.

Novalume on tanskalainen smart city -valaisinratkaisuja tarjoava yritys, joka auttaa kuntia ja kaupunkeja kohti vihreämpää ja puhtaampaa huomista. Novalume tarjoaa ainutlaatuisen Lumintell LED-valaisinratkaisun ja ylläpitoalustan, jonka avulla on mahdollista vähentää  energiankulutusta, CO2 -päästöjä sekä valaisininfrastruktuurin ylläpitokuluja.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Doranova in

Doranova is a Finnish environmental technology company that offers advanced biogas plants and conducts soil and groundwater remediation projects with advanced in situ technologies.

Doranova  is the forerunner of advanced biogas and soil remediation solutions since 1995.

KaukoInternational is cooperating with FWF in

Finnish Water Forum brings together companies, research, education and ministries working with water issues.

Mission of FWF and members is to find solutions for global water challenges, through Finnish know-how and technology.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Flootech in

Flootech offers a wide range of water treatment technologies, process solutions and services for industrial and municipal sectors with over 50 years’ experience.

With over 1000 of installations worldwide and a high level of competence in the industry, Flootech adds value to clients’ processes by producing high quality water, minimizing and decreasing water consumption, energy usage and ensuring that environmental regulatory requirements are fulfilled.