Partners in Environmental Industry

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Below you can find a list of our partners in the environmental technology field and information in which countries we represent them.

KaukoInternational is the representative of PureAir Filtration in

Founded in 2004, PureAir Filtration is a leading expert in custom engineered products and services for a wide range of gas phase filtration applications. PureAir’s Chemical Adsorbent Media captures target gases, vapors, and odors from the environment. PureAir offers a variety of medias that provide the most cost-effective and optimal solutions for each unique application.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Bio-Aire in

Bio-Aire is a group of engineers and scientists who have developed a system that mimics nature to clean water. Bio-Aire mimics river flow and aerates polluted water, so that nature’s processes can start cleaning the water itself in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Bio-Aire breathes life back into water, literally.

Bio-Aire is becoming one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways
to treat waste water. Bio-Aire is portable, can simply be transported on the back of pick-up trucks to where it’s needed. Whilst most treatment solutions require heavy manpower and expertise, Bio-Aire is simple and easy to operate. It can just be put into the water. Anyone can turn it on, and then it can be left alone to do its thing. It also uses electricity efficiently, making it even more cost-effective and accessible.

Bio-Aire solution is part of Khubeka, an environmental construction company.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Doranova in

Doranova is a Finnish environmental technology company that offers advanced biogas plants and conducts soil and groundwater remediation projects with advanced in situ technologies.

Doranova  is the forerunner of advanced biogas and soil remediation solutions since 1995.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Filtrabit in


Filtrabit is a Finnish green tech company, which patented flow-dynamic filtering technology answers the dust control and PM2.5 reduction needs of industrial clients. The unique technology enables waste heat capture and material side streams. Together with superior operability and filtering performance these amount to substantial economic, environmental and health benefits.

KaukoInternational is cooperating with FWF in

Finnish Water Forum brings together companies, research, education and ministries working with water issues.

Mission of FWF and members is to find solutions for global water challenges, through Finnish know-how and technology.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Flootech in

Flootech offers a wide range of water treatment technologies, process solutions and services for industrial and municipal sectors with over 50 years’ experience.

With over 1000 of installations worldwide and a high level of competence in the industry, Flootech adds value to clients’ processes by producing high quality water, minimizing and decreasing water consumption, energy usage and ensuring that environmental regulatory requirements are fulfilled.