Partners in Energy Efficiency

Below you can find a complete list of our partners in the energy efficiency field as part of our environmental sector, and information in which countries we represent them.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Burckhardt Compression in

Burckhardt Compression is the worldwide market leader for reciprocating compressors systems. As single manufacturer and service provider that covers a complete range of reciprocating compressor technologies and services. Burckhardt Compression’s leading technology, high-quality compressor components and the full range of services help customers to minimize life cycle costs of their reciprocating compressor systems.
Piston Compressors: New equipment, spare parts, overhauls and refurbishments/upgrades, also for other brand units.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Energetic in

Energetic NV, based in Stekene, Belgium, is a privately owned, independent company. They offer the highest quality of service and expertise on a wide range of turbo machinery types, and strategic rotating equipment  from many different manufacturers. Their core competence is complete service and repair of steam turbines, gas turbines, axial and radial compressors. Their aim is to unburden our customers through a total package approach. Any overhaul is treated as a project that starts from initial inquiry through project preparation, job execution, start-up and reporting. Energetic staff has extensive experience in power plant construction and operation, commissioning of gas- and steam turbines, strategic rotating equipment , engineering and re- engineering, repair and parts manufacturing.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Hofstetter in

Hofstetter is a company offering flaring systems. Customized industrial gas flare with high-temperature combustion, conceived specifically for the disposal of industrial and contaminated gases. Ideal for combustible industrial gases, such as VOC gas, pyrolysis gas, wood gas, flue gas, benzene gas and much more.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Prognost in

Prognost Systems is the market leader for online diagnostic systems for reciprocating compressors and the inventor of the segmented vibration analyses. They offer specialized monitoring solutions and services for Rotating Equipment, including bearings, shafts, and gearboxes.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Reform in

Reform Grinding Technology offers grinding machines in various applications and spare parts. Reform is a member of The Precision Surfacing Solutions Group (PSS).

KaukoInternational is the representative of Sarlin in

Sarlin Balance is a combination of system and service that has been specially designed for compressed air. The Sarlin Balance management system is not just for the compressors, but for the entire process from the air inlet of the compressors to its end use in a plant’s production process.
Sarlin Balance offers energy saving, optimization and control of complex compressed air systems.

KaukoInternational is the representative of Spirac in

Spirac is an Engineering company that designs and manufactures material handling solutions for municipal wastewater and industrial applications. Spirac offers shaft less screw conveyors and separation systems for effluent water systems (sludge). Also for other material handling purposes.