Towards more energy efficient solutions


Energy Efficiency is more and more important part of any production facility. There is a growing need for reduction of energy consumption and also for better utilization of the used energy. This trend will grow and continue.

As a supplier in the Energy efficiency industry, we represent well-known European machine- and equipment manufacturers.
New investments are always carefully estimated also from the energy efficiency point of view. KaukoInternational with its partners has a strong commitment to meet these targets.

KaukoInternational can provide tools and solutions for reducing energy costs. At the same we can find ways to improve the production quality and productivity as well.

Production upgrades or maintenance investments give also often opportunities for improving the energy efficiency. KaukoInternational has a strong track record in such investments. Energy efficiency may also be improved when an existing electric motor is replaced with a modern one or the compressed air system is upgraded and a sophisticated control system is installed.

One important way of improving energy efficiency is to utilize low temperature waste energy streams. This may be a waste water stream – or any other low temperature source. Heat may also be collected from a cooling cycle – local or district. With a heat pump unit, this low temperature heat may be supercharged to high temperatures that may be utilized in the process or sold to someone who may then use it in another process – such as district heating.

KaukoInternational is committed to improve customers energy efficiency and will always focus on finding the best suitable technology.