Who we are

KaukoInternational is a Finnish based company and a modern trade- & projecthouse with almost 70 Years of experience in international trade. Currently we are operating in 22 countries, and represent well-known machine and component manufacturers in 2 continents. We are specialised in bioproduct, energy efficient and environmental technologies. Main focus is to integrate products and services into solutions best suited for each customer and case. Whether it is a  maintenance update, spare-part service, upgrade project of a whole factory line or a completely new technology project, KaukoInternational will bring together all key counterparts. Our aim is to create competences to our clients, with selected products and services in targeted markets.
KaukoInternational is a global entity specialized in industry equipment and international trade. Our focus is in sales and project management. The main sectors we operate in are pulp and paper, energy and process and environment industries. We represent over 100 different companies globally.
 KaukoInternational has a strong presence and offices in China, Vietnam, Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan with the Headquarters located in Finland.
Our expertise lies in distinct knowledge and substance of the industry sectors we operate in. We know the products of our principals like the back of our hands, and our sales force consists of engineers with the right education and expertise.
KaukoInternational personnel takes pride in customer care in every task and step of service path from office assistants to company CEO.
We take time to understand customer’s needs on the technical and product side as well as on the whole service path. Through our global offices we are strongly and locally present in target regions and possess knowledge and understanding of the local markets.
In the core of our work is to bring customers and principals together, grow the presence and awareness of their brands in global target markets. We offer all-encompassing customer service in respect of the customer needs.
We generate added value by:
  • Sales services from products to projects
  • Local sourcing in the end-customer destination
  • Industrial services including spareparts, field service needs and 24h support with local language.