The story of KaukoInternational started already in the 40’s under Kaukomarkkinat. With dedicated people, passionate sales visionaries and hard working leaders KaukoInternational has managed to build a successful and sustainable business in the industry field.

Let us tell you our story with the below timeline.

Timeline of the history of KaukoInternational Oy Ltd.

May 2019

Expansion into new region. KaukoInternational started co-operation in Uzbekistan. Read more.

January 2019

KaukoInternational established a daughter company, KaukoInternational Vietnam Ltd.,and moved operations from the Vietnam representative office to Ltd. company.

January 2017

KaukoInternational expanded to Central Asia. A daughter company, KaukoInternational Central Asia, was established. Read more.

April 2016

KaukoInternational celebrated its first year in business.


Kaukomarkkinat became part of the Aspo entity.


A regional office to Russia was registered on July the 4th 2007 by Kaukomarkkinat.


Representative office in Vietnam was established by Kaukomarkkinat. In 2002 the office expanded to industrial business, and gradually solely to pulp and paper industry.


First offices to China and Indonesia were established by Kaukomarkkinat.